Car Insurance Quote

Car Insurance Quote

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage is what protects you against the liabilities you may have if an accident is your fault and it results in property damage or injury to others. Not only is it required in most states, but there are minimum dollar amounts of coverage that your policy must include. These amounts can vary from state to state, so you will want to make sure your policy meets those requirements. However, it is a good idea to purchase coverage that exceeds the minimum, as the minimum amounts may not be enough to cover all your liabilities in every case. You might ask you agent to include extra coverage in your car insurance quote. You can sometimes get a lot more coverage for just a few dollars more on your premium.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your own vehicle in case of an accident. If you have liability coverage only, your own vehicle will not be covered by your policy. It will only be covered if the accident was another driver’s fault. In these cases, that driver’s liability would cover you. Otherwise, your vehicle will not be covered unless you also purchase collision coverage. If you took out a loan for your vehicle, your finance company will require it as part of the terms of the loan. You need to make sure your car insurance quote includes adequate amounts of this coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

While collision coverage covers your own vehicle in the event of an accident, comprehensive insurance covers losses that may occur for other reasons, like theft or weather. If you request a car insurance quote for full coverage, this will likely be included. You will want to double check to be sure, however.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

If you are involved in an automobile accident that is the other driver’s fault, but that driver has no insurance, adding uninsured motorist protection can save you a lot of headaches. It will cover what the other driver’s insurance would have and may prevent you from suffering loss because of the other driver’s lack of insurance. You should double check your car insurance quote to make sure this is included.

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